About onjo

cropped-P5140326.jpgonjo |  Tomoki Kawabata

Musician / Voice Actor / Photographer / Traveler
A musician who absorbs all kinds of genre of music, and changes from solo, band to units and develop into musical activities. Using the sounds of acoustic guitar and beautiful melody, plays scenery music that seems as the visioncomes alive. Using the landscape during a trip, emotion, feelings, thoughts, encounter, experiences, they get accumulated in the body, it all connects to all the creations, whether it’s music or not. Onjo means “old guy” in the Kagoshima dialect. Under the name of Kawabata Tomoki, he is very active in voice narration for TV commercials and movie trailers.

onjo |  カワバタトモキ


所属事務所   株式会社ヘリンボーン